MacBook Pro 2016 On A Dilemma Over Kaby Lake Or Skylake Processors; Latest Updates On Specs, Release And More

Apple fans have long been waiting for the upcoming release of the MacBook Pro 2016, which is rumored to be much thinner and polished than its predecessors. Speculation has been brewing about Apple pushing the device's impending release date further, as they are still deciding on what processor the laptop should be having.

Good news, Mac fans!

Despite the numerous rumors claiming that Apple might delay the device's release date even further, there's a great news for MacBook fans recently swirling all over the internet. The MacBook lineup will be revamped by the tech giant as early as this month.

Pretty soon, the dire waiting for the MacBook Pro 2016 may soon come to an end. The rumors of MacBook Pro 2016 release dates have been swarming the internet, but right now it seems that Apple will be announcing the date really soon.

A whole new Mac for a whole new generation

Apple made it very clear that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be much, much slimmer and a lot more polished, offering convenience to the people. We can also expect that the latest Touch ID feature will also come with their upcoming devices. It has also been said that Apple Pay would be incorporated, along with the update for MacOS Sierra.

Apple is still undecided

But right now, speculations say that Apple is still 'undecided' whether it should be the 6th Gen Skylake processors or the 7th Gen Kaby Lake processors be featured in the latest MacBook lineup. Either way, it is still a great news that the tech giant is considering both these very powerful processors.

The tech company has not made a choice just yet, but it is being rumored that Apple is going to be using some variety of both the 6th and the 7th Gen chips. It has also been announced that Apple will not yet reveal which technology they will choose.

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