Apple Anniversary iPhone Expectations: iPhone 8 To Be The Biggest Apple Release Ever

Apple Anniversary iPhone Expectations: iPhone 8 To Be The Biggest Apple Release Ever
The iPhone 8 is Apple's anniversary iPhone. As such, it is expected to bring in some major changes to the premium device. Photo : MostAmazingTop10 / YouTube

Yes, almost ten years have passed since Apple first introduced the iPhone to the world. With that, everyone is undoubtedly curious as to what Apple has up its sleeves for its Anniversary iPhone. We all know that Apple never fails to improve the iPhone year after year. However, we haven't seen the company release a "special occasion" iPhone yet and the iPhone 8 could be the first. How can Apple make the iPhone 8 both improved and special? Well, we do have a few expectations on our list.

iPhone 8 Expectations: Design Overhaul

First, Apple could do a major design overhaul. The last time the company did a major change of design was when they introduced the iPhone 6. From the small iPhone 5S, Apple jumped to the big-screened iPhone 6 - a design that the company kept up to now. With the imminent arrival of the Anniversary iPhone, fans can expect that Apple will once again change their flagship's design. The company might not give the iPhone 8 a significant change in size, but a big change in looks can be expected.

iPhone 8 Expectations: High-tech Features

Moreover, a huge leap in technology is also a big possibility. It's already normal for Apple to use advanced technology for its new iPhones. However, since the iPhone 8 is even more special, it could carry multiple high-tech features. Remember when the iPhone 6S came out? It came with Apple's proud inclusion - the 3D Touch. Looking back at the iPhone 5S, Apple sported it with a good fingerprint sensor. When the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came out, Apple boasted of their incredible cameras. The Portrait mode and Dual Camera system of Apple's latest release are quite big improvements.

With that, the next iPhone might as well boast of something high-tech. However, we do hope that the next high-tech feature will be both relevant and useful. Also, since the iPhone 8 is a special release, it would also be nice if Apple includes multiple premium features that would set the phone apart not just from its competitions, but from its predecessors as well.

iPhone 8 Expectations: Improved Display, Higher RAM

We've seen past iPhones getting knocked out by its competitors when they come with display specs and RAM size. Hopefully, this pattern would change once the iPhone 8 gets released. It's worth noting that the iPhone 6S' display only has a 750 x 1334 pixel resolution and it is only equivalent to 326 pixels per inch density. The iPhone 7 Plus has a display resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels that's only equivalent to 401 PPI.

Both of these are a bit too low for premium flagships like the iPhones. Samsung's S7 boasts of a crisp display with over 500 PPI density. Hopefully, Apple would also focus on the iPhone 8's display so as not to be defeated by its competitors.

Furthermore, the iPhone 8 may also be the best opportunity for Apple to be a little more generous when it comes to RAM size. The iPhone 6S only had a 2 GB RAM, GSM Arena. The iPhone 7 Plus only has 3 GB worth of RAM, which isn't exactly that bad. However, this year has seen quite a good boost of RAM size in Android phones. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge already increased to a 4 GB RAM. The OnePlus 3 is now boasting of 6 GB RAM. It is with great hope that we say, Apple might as well join the RAM increase in its release of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Actual Rumors

If rumors are to be believed, then it looks like Apple is actually aiming for a major change in design for the iPhone 8. It was said that the next iPhone will be all-glass from edge to edge. It will also remove the home button and put the fingerprint scanner on the display. Whether or not this is a relevant and useful technology, we're yet to find out. Yahoo's report further explains the possibility of Apple embracing a huge design change in the iPhone 8. Needless to say, Apple is still a few months away from releasing the said phone. This means that the company has more time on its hands to make the iPhone 8 the best iPhone ever.

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