BMW Motorrad Motorcycle Concept Can Protect Its Driver

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 12, 2016 11:40 AM EDT

Bayerische Motoron Warken AG, or famously known as BMW, discussed a futuristic motorcycle concept that it is planning to create. The company announced the latest concept during its 100th celebration in Santa Monica, California on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

BMW's Motorcycle Of The Future

According to Forbes, the idea behind BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is how motorcycles will be able to perform new features by the year 2040. The latest concept has a futuristic design and technology, which will safely cradle the drivers that can even forego wearing any protective gear.

Edgar Heinrich, head of design for BMW Motorrad, told the publication that the futuristic motorcycle can "act with foresight and is able to protect the rider at any time. Hence the rider's gear will no longer focus on protection." 

BMW's futuristic concept will incorporate a self-balancing system that will not only help it to stand alone, but also to help motorists avoid accidents. It will also offer the riders more perspectives, allowing them to anticipate obstacles and to learn ideal banking angles. 

To do this, the rider will be wearing sort of a high-tech visor that not only acts as wind protector, but also provides information helpful to him with a similar function as Google Glass. The visor reacts to eye movement, enabling it to pull up navigation, rear view image and such, CNET reported. Also, it can display emergency warnings so the rider will be able to respond accordingly.

The BMW Motorrad will be an electric vehicle, sporting the classic boxer engine style. When the motorcycle is idle, it will have a more compact form while it expands when the rider is using it.

Meanwhile, BMW also launched a SOS Call System for its motorcycles earlier this year.

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