Nintendo NX Release Date: Grand Reveal Is Happening 'Within The Year'

A leak shows that the Nintendo NX might actually be called Nintendo Duo, but it may been disproven. Photo : Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Nintendo NX is still nowhere to be seen and the year is now ending. Fans and industry observers are now wondering if the Japanese company is still planning to make the reveal this year. Good news is that Nintendo still intends to make it happen "within this year."

Nintendo NX Reveal In 2016

A Reddit user (via WCCFTech) shared a screenshot of a statement from the Nintendo of Europe official, revealing nothing about Nintendo NX except that more information will be revealed before the year ends.

"Unfortunately, we cannot give you more details at this point in time," the statement reads. "Nintendo will publicly share more information about NX within this year." This is good news, if not great, to those who are already tired of waiting for the grand reveal.

Nintendo NX Specs

At this point, details about the Nintendo NX are still unconfirmed. What we currently know is that it is sort of a 2-in-1 device that acts as both a home and a handheld console. Building upon this is the alleged marketing slogan of the console, "Interact your game on the go," according to the huge leak a few days ago.

Technical information is sparse, but there are talks of a 4K support feature. However, it is still unknown if players will be able to game in 4K resolution such as in the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio, which are its direct competitors. It is highly likely to be able to only stream in 4K, which is the case in the Xbox One S.

Nevertheless, the expected 1080p gaming is still not that bad and there are reports saying that the screen of the handheld device has 900p resolution. Even so, it would certainly put the Nintendo NX at a disadvantage against the PS4 Pro and Scorpio.

Nintendo NX Release Date

Although details of the Nintendo NX announcement are still sketchy, a March 2017 launch date is almost set in stone. It is expected to launch with at least four titles, one of which should be Mario, one of the gaming company's franchises. It is unknown if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is among the launch titles, but reports say that it is.

The aforementioned leak also mentioned a price. According to the major retailer employee, the base price is at $299.99. There are going to be Bundles, which would cost at least $399.99. A previous leak from the U.K. supermarket chain Tesco revealed a pricing of £349.99, which is about $450 when converted. It is noticeably much higher than what the other leaks suggest, so this may be a bundle or just a placeholder price.

We are now in October, which means that the Nintendo NX announcement shouldn't be too far off. There are rumors saying that it will happen as soon as Oct. 21, but of course, take this rumor with a grain of salt for now.

The Wii U was a good console, but not as phenomenal as its competitors. Will Nintendo NX be able to put the Japanese console maker back in the race? We'll find out soon enough, I hope.

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