PSVR To Go Live Today, Where To Buy If You Did Not Preorder

The PlayStation VR, which is set to be launched today, will be available in Amazon in limited quantities for those who did not pre-order the device.

What's Inside the Box?

Inside the box rooms the VR headset, the processor, cables, stereos headphones, a PSVR demo disc, PS camera, two PS Move motion controllers and PSVR Worlds disc for the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle. The whole package will be available with a $499 price tag.

The basic PlayStation VR package, on the other hand, includes only the VR headset, headphones and all the necessary cables needed. It is available at $399.

How Does It Work?

The headset is said to be an affordable introduction to quality VR. It gives users a near-PC quality performance and offers a more accessible way of getting into proper, immersive virtual reality gaming without breaking the bank. The PSVR headset cannot be used alone or with a smartphone. Instead, users need to connect the headset to a PS4. It also simply requires two PlayStation Moves for control.

Before gearing up the headset, there are also free demos that users can enjoy with the demo disc that comes with the package. There is also a controversy on the European version, which features fewer games than the U.S. package.

The PSVR can run 1080p titles on its 920 x RGB x 1080 OLED display at either 90Hz or at 120Hz, depending on the VR game or application the user wants to run.

Sony is promising the arrival of 50 new games that will be for the platform only before the end of the year. These games are said to be made by Sony's extremely competent first-party studios. Pre-order of the device started in June, when Sony made an announcement that there would be no chances of purchasing the headset until it will be launched.

Consumers would have to squabble for every stock from Amazon; though Gamestop mentioned that they will also have the PSVR in limited numbers for online and in-store purchases.

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