Amazon's 'Top Gear' Rumors: 'The Grand Tour' Coming To Australia?

By Shayne Nicole Caravana , Oct 13, 2016 01:15 PM EDT

Amazon Prime is bringing a TV streaming show to Australia. Coming along should be the "Top Gear" revival show with "The Grand Tour" with original hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. 

Amazon Prime and Car Show "The Grand Tour"

Amazon might soon bring its streaming service Prime to Australia by showing the latest car show titled "The Grand Tour," which is hosted by the "Top Gear" popular trio who were the heart of the BBC show.

If this is true, then Australia is in for a treat as they are excited about "The Grand Tour" and Amazon Prime. However, there is no official announcement from the company itself when will it be available in the televisions of the land down under, in a report on Australian Financial Review.

"Clarkson, Hammond and May have a significant following in Australia and I'm already detecting interest in people wanting to check out 'The Grand Tour,'" TV commentator David Knox said. He added that it will be a great move for Amazon Prime to launch "The Grand Tour" on Australia to make its presence to be felt.

According to News, Amazon Prime will be an alternative to Netflix and Stan. According to some rumors, the company is contacting some comedy shows under Stan such as "Transparent," "Mad Dogs" and "Mozart."

Why Grand Tour Will Not Be A Massive Hit In UK?

"The Grand Tour" will premiere on Nov. 18. The first trailer of the upcoming show just revealed what to expect on the show. Right now, it's proving to be expansive, but it is still unknown if it can live up to the past glory of "Top Gear."

According to Express, "The Grand Tour" will have the most expensive opening scene among television shows. With 150 cars, 2,000 acrobats and six jet planes, totaling to £2.5million, it was noted to be similar to a James Bond film.

British are not as enthusiastic with "The Grand Tour" compared to "Top Gear" before. Fans are not into streaming their favorite television show, which may be the reason why it will not amass as great a following as the BBC show.

Amazon is still convincing fans that the show on Prime will have a better quality compared to watching it only on broadcast.

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