Be The Bad Guy Game: Fantasy “Tyrrany” Set Release Date On November 10 This Year

Obsidian's post-Pillars RPG, Tyranny, has a release date: November 10. This info comes nearby its very own trailer, which you see below. It puts the game right in the middle of 2016's second fender release period, just a day ahead Dishonored 2. Can it hold its own opposing the biggest games on the industry? We'll find out shortly.

Obsidian have also advertised on how you'll be able to pre-order Tyranny. There's three distant versions and they are listed as such:

  • The Commander Edition - standard the game box, includes some digital extras like ringtones, forum icons and avatars. £34.99 / $44.99.
  • The Archon Edition - all of the above, plus a digital map of the world, a short story collection from the universe, some desktop wallpapers, the entire soundtrack and a batch more forum avatars and coat of arms. £44.99 / $59.99.
  • The Overlord Edition - A digital artbook and guide books, as well as all of the above. £60.99 / $79.99.

The game is enhanced further with quests that add shade and savor to the main story lines. Moreover, choices you make throughout the character conception process change the physical creation in which the game takes position. Essential cities that were under the control of a sect you grew comfortable developing as allies in previous play throughs may be restrained by an entirely different group in a new game. The topography of the game has modified as well. A city that was a flourishing metropolis in one game may be divided by deep gaps caused by earthquakes in the next.

At this stage in its progress, Tyranny sounds like it will be more of a story source set in an intricate and exciting world than a conventional RPG with a story to tell. 

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