Dota 2 Documentary: True Sight, The New Faces Of Free To Play

Valve released its first documentary film, Free To Play, in the late 2014 as part of their campaign in promoting Dota 2 across the globe. The documentary film featured prominent players: Dendi, hyhy and Fear, which are still currently active in the pro-scene.

The film highlighted the struggles behind the Dota 2 scene which are fairly common for all aspiring players. Factors like family, money and time are essentially focused during the course of the film. After its successful run and massive boost of the Dota 2 community, it didn't come to a shock that Valve has made yet another documentary film for one of its franchise.

From Free to Play to True Sight

Valve's newest Dota 2 documentary film titled True Sight, will follow two different teams which are separated thousands of miles across the globe. The first team to be featured in the film is the South East Asian hopefuls, team Fnatic, which over the years, have undergone series of reshuffles and roster changes. The next team to be featured is the 2015 International Champion, Evil Geniuses; which also had undergone through a series of reshuffles and roster changes.

EG and Fnatic, Two Different Teams, One Goal

In an official trailer by Valve, True Sight will follow the two teams after their major reshuffle from the last International 2016. The film will also talk about how each player from both teams have struggled after the past reshuffles and how they managed to pull themselves together and find their way to their current grounds.

The Dota 2 documentary will conclude as both teams prepare their way for the next upcoming major event, the Boston Major which will be held in the early of Dec. 2016. The current prize pool for the major event is at $3 million which is liable for increase depending on the amount of users that will purchase the Fall Battle Pass 2016.

True Sight

True Sight Dota 2 documentary film is exclusively for Fall Battle Pass 2016 users only which costs $9.99 and comes with free in-game perks including cosmetics, items and quests. The documentary film will be available starting 16:00 PDT today.

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