Galaxy Note7 Recalls Are Endless; Samsung Faces Another Destructive Recall

In a huge effort to maintain their customers, Samsung Electronics is throwing bigger financial incentives to users who will choose to surrender their faulty Galaxy Note7 in exchange for another smartphone unit from the company, instead of seeking a refund. In the United States alone, Samsung is giving its customers $25-worth bill credit through carriers and retailers to the ones who will turn in their Note7s for a refund or in exchange of another smartphone brand. But if they choose not to demand a refund and exchange their Note7s for another Samsung smartphone instead, they will get a massive $100 bill credit from select carriers and retailers. Although this has already started swirling around the U.S., the tech company has not yet given any detailed announcement regarding the promo. However, earlier the company announced a $25 incentive for customers to go along with the said promo.

State of the Recall effort

Just this week, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission gave some announcements about an extension of its Sept. 15 Note7 recall that had to be put in place with Samsung after multiple incidents of the smartphone heating up and catching fire. In that agenda, Samsung was dealt with either ship our replacement phones, or provide a vast refund of about a million phones that were sold before Sept. 15. But people became more frustrated since the replacements phones that Samsung shipped did not compensate, feature-wise, with their lost Note7, which lead to the second recall being issued by CPSC that now bloated to 1.9 million phones, with which the 900,000 apparently being the replacement phones that Samsung initially shipped.

More Recalls are needed

According to CPSC, Samsung had received around 96 reports in the U.S. alone, regarding the Note 7's batteries overheating, which rose up to yet another 23 additional new reports ever since the first recall. And additionally, the company received about 13 reports of people suffering burns and another 47 instances of property damage, all linking to the Note7 phones. Samsung has since explained that the recall program has now covered phones sold by the company from release, all the way to Sept. 15, and the replacement phones that were provided on the original recall. Currently, Samsung has also announced similar programs in different other countries, including its home country, South Korea.

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