Global Warming: Prevent It or Perish

By Lester , Oct 14, 2016 12:00 PM EDT

Global warming vividly paints a gloomy picture of our future if left unchecked. It would be like inside a microwave oven when all of the natural elements that balance our sphere go haywire. An uninhabitable image of dry and burning lumps of what used to be our world, and it would just be caused by what we had done to this planet unmindful of its consequences.

Now that we see the imminent doom that awaits us all, shouldn't we take action to reverse this cycle we are revolving in and change our path to a greener world? Data show that in the United States alone slices the pie of up to 25% of the world's total carbon emission that came from fossil fuels and was rounded up to 6.5 billion tons of Carbon. The Green House effect is fatal as global warming escalates and turns the environment into a toxic wasteland.

The Green Belt Movement is advocating for a solution to deter Global Warming. One of GBM's solution is to provide more green cover to the rain forests of Kenya thereby creating sustainable means of living for all. Professor Wangari Maathai, founder of GBM is a staunched advocate of Global Warming. We may be aware how trees balance the carbon emission from the air but most of us must learn that trees provide more than that, said Wangari.

On the other side of the world are other advocacies working on a different approach. The sequestration of Carbon Emissions could be done by planting organic vegetation. The organization is known as the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). This organization claims that their advocacy will help prevent global warming by going organic on plantations and livestock industry. It will arrest and sequester carbon emissions by the billions of tons of climate destabilizing greenhouse gases in the soil, according to OCA. These are some of the grassroots solution that is being done by the world today, pitching in to their advocacies will do good as the awareness of this cause picks up momentum.

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