Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Usage Increases In Number Despite Second Recall

It has been determined that a huge number of Galaxy Note 7 owners are still using the device. More so, there has actually been an increase in usage of the phablet despite Samsung and U.S. regulatory bodies' warnings against doing so.

The Increasing Number of Galaxy Note 7

In a report from GSMArena, there was an increase of 10 percent of users who are using the device even after the company cancelled the production and sales of the smartphone. The graph in their report shows that there is no big downfall in usage even after the explosion incidents that happened before the recall and even after the explosion of the replacement devices. It means that many of the Galaxy Note 7 users are still keeping it and using it against the South Korean tech giant's advice that they should put the phone down and return them.

History of the Firm's Fiasco

It can be remembered that Samsung sold 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets worldwide and recalled them all after the numerous cases of explosions damaging properties and even the users physically. The same case happened even after replacing the devices that they even insisted are already safe.

What Samsung is Doing Now?

"Moving forward, Samsung Electronics plans to normalize its mobile business by expanding sales of flagship models such as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge," Samsung said. The firm also promised to "focus on enhancing product safety for consumers by making significant changes in its quality assurance processes".

The return and exchange program of Samsung for their Galaxy Note 7 can be availed in two ways. Users can get a full refund of their payment after returning the device or they can have a replacement device, which can be another Samsung phone or any other available smartphone in the store where they bought the Note 7.

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