Zayn Malik, Former Member Of One Direction, Wants To Create Music About Sex

Gone are the days when Zayn Malik used to be the clean-cut, mushy, and innocent young boy band member of One Direction.

One Direction's breaking up or Zayn Malik getting out of the band is already in the past but it is still being widely talked about today. There are still questions that were not really answered by both parties; which leaves the fans hanging.

The other members of the band refuse to answer while Zayn just provides hint. It is frustrating to some fans as one of the greatest boy band in history just removed its ace - Zayn Malik -  without any explanation at all. 

Some reports suggested that the issue was about money, some of them about women, and maybe the main reason is creative control. Creative control is the number one issue on any band. It is a process where you brainstorm or butt heads to create a great music. But, sometimes instead of working together, it creates a gap which ends up to splitting the band.

Yes, Zayn Malik walking away from One Direction is indeed shocking but it's also a statement on his end that he will survive with or without the band. Since he walked away, the British singer is having fun with his freedom of creative control; and one of his dream is to write songs about sex.

Zayn went from a trendy catchy tunes to a R&B type of material in which he excels. The clean-cut look which is the trademark of One direction is gone, as Zayn evolved to a more mature look. Zayn Malik is One Direction as legion of fans suggested, but Zayn Malik just wants to be Zayn Malik.

His debut single Pillowtalk showed that he already distant himself from his former band. The sexy video starring Zayn and his real life girlfriend Gigi Hadid was all about making love. Malik then admitted that he didn't hold back on the first single since he had been waiting a long time to get this opportunity.

"Every lyric I've ever written has a story behind it," he explains in an excerpt from his forthcoming memoir, obtained by "All the hard work that went into the creation of Pillowtalk was worthwhile because, as soon as it was finished, I intuitively felt I was on the right path."

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