‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 87 Spoilers: Eren Is The 9th Titan; Fritz And Reiss Family The Same?

By Monica Macalinao , Oct 15, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

"Attack on Titan" chapter 86 contained some shocking revelations about Grisha Yaeger, Chieftain Zeke, and Eren. The next chapter promises to even be more exciting than the last one. Expect to know more about the Yaeger family and how the recent revelations will affect the whole manga series.

"Attack On Titan" Chapter 86 Recap

Zeke's true origin was revealed and that he is Grisha Yaeger's son from his wife Dina. It was revealed the Zeke has the royal bloodline because Dina Yaeger is a direct descendant of Ymir Fritz.

The chapter also explained how Ymir Fritz got the Titan power and his death gave rise to the Elodians who obtained the nine Titan powers. However, it turns out that the Mare race was able to steal seven of the Titan powers and Zeke was originally sent out to restore the Elodians back into power however he was brainwashed to betray Grisha and his race.

"Attack On Titan" Chapter 87 Spoilers

There are several plot spoilers that surfaced recently. It is said to tell what happened after Zeke told the Mare race about the Elodian's plot. The journal will also contain how Dr. Grisha Yaeger acquired his Titan power and how he was tortured at the hands of the Mares.

The next chapter will also tackle the connection between the Fritz and Reiss family. This is due to the Reiss family possessing the Titan power at one point which got fans speculating that they are one and the same.

There had been suggestions that Eren is the 9th Titan and his true identity will be revealed. It might turn out that he is really the lead character and the chapter is said to explain why Dr. Yaeger thinks Eren will save the Elodians and protect the world from destruction.

"Attack on Titan" Chapter 87 will be released on November 09.

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