‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 86: Origin Of The Titans, Link Between Grisha, Eren, And Zeke Revealed

By Monica Macalinao , Oct 08, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

The most recent chapter of the popular manga and anime series "Attack on Titan" was finally released and it contained many revelations that will surely have an effect on the entire story.

Titled "On that Day," the chapter focused on the past of Grisha Yeager and revealed how he is linked to Eren and the warrior chieftain Zeke.

"Attack On Titan" Chapter 85 Recap

Eren and some members of the Survey Corp went to the Yaeger's house. When they got to the basement, Eren tried unlocking the door to no avail. Levi then tries kicking the door to let the group in and began looking for clues about the titans and Grisha.

A soldier found three books so Mikasa and Eren opened the first one. The book contained a photo of a man, a lady, and a child. Eran noticed that the hand-written note at the back that reads, "humanity is not yet completely wiped out" is his father's.

"Attack On Titan" Chapter 86 Recap

The newest chapter revealed that Grisha was raised within a Mare territory and was obliged to follow the orders from the Mare people. It was also revealed that his sister Faye was killed when she wandered around a restricted area.

His father then revealed to him the origin of the Elodian race and how it battled with the Mare people. He further found out that they are the descendants of Ymir Fritz who got Titan power thousands of years ago. His death caused the rise of the Elodians who inherited nine Titan powers.

The Mare race stole seven of the nine Titan powers and the remaining Elodians were placed in camps similar to where Grisha and his father lived. When Grisha turned eighteen, he joined a group of Elodians and met Daina. They had a son together named Zeke. Zeke was part of the covert plan against the Mare but was brainwashed completely.

Hajime Isayama's post-apocalyptic manga is getting even more exciting for the fans. However, no release date has been revealed yet for the next chapter and fans are not sure if the anime series will follow the manga version.

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