Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel Update Coming Soon, What Features Does It Offer?

Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel Update is coming soon. What are the features that players can expect from this upcoming patch?

Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel - Game Changer

Elder Scrolls Online developer Zenimax Studio boast that the upcoming update will change the game in a big way, according to The Bitbag. The Tamriel update will make it a truly open world. The developer claims that all "restrictions and content limitations" including alliances have been removed.

Elder Scrolls Online - More Content But Free

The One Tamriel update will have more content for the single and group player mode. Additionally, all the zones have been upgraded and a few more bosses have been included. Normal and veteran modes will be offered in dungeons once the Tamriel patch is rolled out.

A single PvP combat or dueling will also be included in the upcoming patch. The items available in the game will also be adjusted to the level of the player.

Elder Scrolls Online will host holiday events or parties that can give rewards or bonuses to participants. This October, the online game will celebrate the Witches Festival. In 2015, Elder Scrolls Online hosted the New Life Festival. However, Zenimax has yet to divulge the full details about the upcoming event.

The One Tamriel update will also include the use of weapon imbued with ultimate abilities. The developer has even launched a short video clip to announce its upcoming release to the game. The new contents sounded even better when Zenimax announced that Tamriel is free.

Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel Release Date

Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel is the 12th update in this multiplayer game. The update is expected to roll out on October 18, 2016. More concrete information about the added features is certain to come out as the launch date grows near.

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