‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 63 Spoilers: Son Goku Uses Mafuba To Kill Zamasu; Vegeta’s Super Powers Not Enough To Defeat Black

“Dragon Ball Super” is getting more intense with the exciting storylines of the main characters as each is featured with his own super powers in his journey towards a victorious battle against his strong enemies. Following the biggest revelation of Black’s identity in the series’ episode 61 and the highly anticipated transformation of Trunks in episode 62 comes Vegeta’s turn of unleashing his fierce side in the upcoming chapter.

Trunks have transformed into a more powerful Saiyan but his forces were not enough in destroying Black. He is set to merge with Vegeta to put an end to the wrath of the evil.

Black is well designed in the manga series considering his unparalleled mightiness but in the new episode, will Goku and Vegeta outmatch him in their clash?

Blasting News’ shared a glimpse of the synopsis of chapter 63 titled “I will not ever let you harm the Saiyan pride'' (Vegeta fights with all his strength) which will be aired on Fuji TV on October 23. The report emphasized that Son Goku and Vegeta have completed their respective trainings. Goku was able to accomplish his mastery of the Mafuba technique while Vegeta finished his training in the room time.

According to Sports Rageous, Mafuba is an evil containment wave method, strategically designed to defeat immortal Zamasu and Black. In addition, Beerus is forecasted to destroy Zamasu in the future with the help of Gowasu who is responsible at training the villain Zamasu.

Indeed, a series of merciless clashes is expected to take place as the Z warriors unite in tearing down their opponents. Will “Dragon Ball Super” episode 63 see the downfall of Zamasu? What would it cost to put his wrongdoings to an end?

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