Diablo 2016 Blizzcon Update: Hints Of Diablo 3 Patch, Expansion Or Diablo 4 Teaser?

Diablo fans are hoping Blizzard will announce something big about the franchise at the 2016 Blizzcon event. The event schedules and even the Diablo floor space is being examined in an effort to find out if a current patch, expansion, remastered edition or maybe even a Diablo 4 teaser will be announced.

How Does Diablo Fit in the 2016 Blizzcon event?

Based on the Blizzcon 2016 calendar schedule, presentations regarding Diablo are noticeably few but the game series will have more floor space than the previous year. However, this not includes the Diablo 20th year anniversary gathering that will be held during the event.     

Diablo 3 NOT In Maintenance Mode?

There is also an hour long Diablo 3 development talk followed by a Q&A portion. This seems to indicate that Diablo 3 is not in maintenance mode. However, is there hope for an expansion at some future time? This question will probably have a definite answer by then.

No Diablo 3 Expansion, Diablo 4 Announcements?

Diablo game observers doubt that a Diablo 4 is going to be revealed in the upcoming Blizzcon event. It is possible though that an expansion may be announced if it is really in the works right now. There could also be the possibility that a Diablo 2 or even a remastered edition is going to be revealed.

Diablo Floor Space Increased In Size

Blizzcon observers also noted the subtle change in the naming of the Diablo franchise booth. After Diablo 3 was launched, the booth is always named Diablo 3. However, its 2016 Blizzcon booth is simply named Diablo. This is may indicate that some other Diablo titles will be included in the booth. Again it's possible that it may be an older Diablo game in a remastered format, Diablo 3 patch or expansion.

Some Diablo fans noted that the floor space for the game franchise has grown considerably bigger than in 2015. This is also seen as a sign that something big is coming to Diablo.

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