'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 62, 63 Recap And Spoilers: Trunks' New Type Of Super Saiyan Form Revealed; Vegeta To Unleash Full Power?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 kicked off last Sunday with an intense face off between Future Trunks and the evil duo, Zamasu and Black. Plus, fans were all hyped about the transformation of Trunks to a new type of Super Saiyan.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 Recap: Future Trunks Transforms To A New Type Of Super Saiyan

The episode kicks off with a furious Trunks, ready to attack Black. Trunks was able to transform to a new type of Super Saiyan and put up a good fight against the enemy. According to Attack Of The Fanboy, the said Super Saiyan form has no known name yet, but Trunks sported both gold and blue aura around him. Some fans claim that he looks similar to Broly with his white pupils and spikier hair.

With Trunks' new found power, he assured that he will finally defeat Black once and for all. Sure enough, the stronger Trunks was able to give Black a challenge. Unfortunately, despite his new Super Saiyan form, Zamasu and Black got the upper hand and almost at the brink of winning against him.

There was even a point when Black appeared to defeat Trunks but the latter was able to recover and launch a Masenko at his opponent. He then told Vegeta and Goku to return to the present using the time machine while he tries to hold off the evil duo. Although Vegeta was hesitant, he has no other choice but to trust Trunks on this one.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63 Spoilers: Will Vegeta's Power Be Enough To Defeat The Evil Duo? 

In "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63 titled "Don't Damage Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta's Fierce Battle," Goku and Vegeta finally finished their training. Goku learned the Mafuba technique from Master Roshi while Vegeta finished his training in the room time eventually obtaining a powerful reward that could potentially defeat Black and Zamasu.

As the title implies, the said episode will most likely revolve around Vegeta. Rumors suggest that he will face the evil duo head on. With his new found power, will it be enough to defeat the enemies? Meanwhile, other rumors suggest that Supreme Kai and Gowasu will help to battle against Zamasu and Black. Will their combined forces the key to end Zamasu and Black's evil doings?

Find out the answers when "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63 airs on October 23, Sunday.

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