'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 62, 63 Spoilers: Goku And Vegeta Fuse To Super Saiyan Blue Vegito? Trunks Unleashes True Powers?

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 is just around the corner yet fans of the series continue to theorize as to what will transpire when it airs this Sunday. Recently, new rumors claim that Goku and Vegeta will fuse to Super Saiyan Vegito in order to defeat Zamasu and Black. Plus, Trunks might release his full potential in trying to defeat the enemy.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 Spoilers: Trunks' True Powers Revealed

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 titled "I'll Protect the World! Trunks' Angry Super Power Explosion!" will most likely feature Trunks as he goes head to head against Black and Zamasu while Goku and Vegeta set off to the future to learn the Mafuba from Master Roshi. It was believed that the said technique will be enough to defeat the evil duo.

It was also rumored that Trunks will transform to a powerful Super Saiyan in order to face Zamasu and Black alone. However, it was also speculated that Trunks will sacrifice himself by charging Black and Zamaus but will fail to defeat them. Instead, his attack will even affect their superpowers more.

Meanwhile, Attack Of The Fanboy revealed the official synopsis of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 which reads: "He will save his own era! Trunks gets angry! Goku and the others have fight a hard battle against Zamasu and Black. Future Trunks send everyone back to the past and deals with Black on his own.

Goku this week: Goku is going to learn the Mafuba from Master Roshi. Trunks has faith in Goku to find a way of defeating Zamasu and Black. After returning to the past, Goku asks Master Roshi to teach him the Mafuba but...?"

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63 Spoilers: Will Goku And Vegeta Transform To Super Saiyan Vegito?

As for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 63 titled "Don't Defy the Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta's Intense Battle," Goku and Vegeta will return just in time to save Trunks from Zamasu and Black. Trunks took critical damage from fighting the two alone. Vegeta will be furious after seeing Trunks badly injured from the fight.

Upon their third return, there were speculations that Goku and Vegeta might already find a way to defeat the enemy. However it still remains a mystery. Theories suggest that with Vegeta and Goku might finally fuse to Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. It is said to be the most powerful character in the "Dragon Ball" franchise. However, there has been no confirmation if the said fusion will indeed take place.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 62 airs tomorrow, October 16 while Episode 63 follows on October 23.

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