Diablo 4 Release Date, Update: Big Reveal To Happen In BlizzCon 2016?

BlizzCon 2016 is getting closer and with it, Diablo 4 rumors are getting hotter. Blizzard has not given a clear indication that a sequel to the 2012 title is coming, but according to hearsays in the internet, it is definitely going to be revealed at the upcoming event.

Blizzard has recently released their schedule for the upcoming BlizzCon 2016. Among their agenda for Nov. 4 is "Diablo 20th Anniversary." The slot was not detailed, so the internet took it upon themselves to speculate that Diablo 4 will be announced during the short 45-minute talk.

Corroborating the rumors are the recent job postings for an "unannounced Diablo project." However, it is believed that this refers to a Diablo 2 HD remake instead of the much-awaited Diablo 4. Although none of these has been confirmed yet.

Diablo 4 In BlizzCon 2016 Evidence

The most convincing evidence of Diablo 4 appearing in BlizzCon 2016 was perpetuated by a YouTube user. Rhykker, whose video can be seen below, laid the content of a goodie bag. Inside is a set of dice, one of which contains four sides. This is known as the D4 and the most intriguing detail on it is that there seems to be a typo. Its sides have two number "1s" and one "4" - seemingly pertaining to Nov. 4.

For some, this is the only evidence that they need to be sure of seeing Diablo 4 in the upcoming event. However, there are some doubts that Blizzard will not be unveiling the fourth installment this soon. An HD remake of the second, third or both titles in the franchise is more likely to some.

Meanwhile, David Brevik and Bill Roper have both been spotted at Blizzard's headquarters this October. Both had big roles on the development of Diablo 2. Does this mean that a refresh of the title is arriving instead of a Diablo 4? As of now, nothing has been set in stone.

BlizzCon 2016 will kick off Nov. 4 through Nov. 5.

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