Unpredictable Weather Linked To Various Ailments: How Does This Happen?

First thing it's sunny, then next thing you know, it's already raining. Weather conditions as we know it may vary from one place to another and can really get unpredictable. However, how can a sudden change in the weather create an impact to our health? It's not just about the likelihood of catching a cold, the weather can affect our physical body and mood as well.

According to a report released by the Pyro-Energen, it has been found that whenever a cyclone or typhoon is about to enter a particular area, others might just feel dizzy or have a headache. Some people even reportedly said that they experienced ringing in the ears, listlessness, upset stomach, nausea and other symptoms. All these and more are said to be triggered by the changes in the atmospheric pressure as well as climate change.

Furthermore, in one of its reports, The Verge has also cited that cold weather, for instance, has the tendency to increase the number of women being admitted to hospitals due to stroke or heart attack. That is most probably because a lot of people don't get to exercise much during Winter and only a few are in great shape during December.

Hot weather, on the other hand, can actually trigger certain complications for diabetes patients. A study conducted by Nature suggests that a number of diabetic persons are being hospitalized for the said kind of disease during hot weather since it makes it harder for them to secrete sweat because of their blood sugar levels. Instead, it makes them urinate more, resulting in a bigger chance of being dehydrated.

Of course, like in any other diseases, you also need to consider several factors that could have probably affected your health such as environmental conditions, stress, or the kind of lifestyle you have. So whenever a seasonal change is approaching, one good thing that you can do to prevent such things from taking place or for those simple weather-related illnesses is to take Vitamin C and other preventive supplements without delay for immunity.

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