Killer Asteroid 2016: Multiple Threats Confirmed By NASA, Anti-Asteroid Initiative In Motion

Who could have ever forgotten about the December 12, 2012 prophecy stating that it's already the end of the world? Hoax, hearsay or rumor, whatever we call it, conspiracy theorists believe that the end of the world is coming near; as a report about the warning against potential asteroid impact has been released, and NASA seems to be taking it seriously. So now, the question is: Is doomsday really coming?

According to a report released by Nature World News, approximately 1,000 asteroids are traveling near the Earth at 60,000 miles per hour and that some of these space rocks have the capability of heading towards the Earth. The report adds that NASA has already identified some of the near-Earth asteroids, but conspiracy researchers believe that there are more underlying asteroids just waiting to be discovered in the next couple of years.

According to the Morning Ledger, it is because of this alarming news that NASA is now taking necessary steps such as calling out for assistance from several countries to find the solution for the incoming asteroid threat. Diverting the path of these dangerous rocks is what the experts are considering at the moment, however, a lot of information must be collected first before resorting to a concrete solution.

Furthermore, as part of NASA's mission to save the earth, they've taken initiative by launching a robot mission called OSIRIS-REx which is designed to conduct a comprehensive surface mapping of the asteroid, and hopefully, diverting it from its orbit that leading it away from Earth.

Astronauts are also being sent for the mission. A task of collecting samples from the asteroids that will be used for the study are given to the astronauts who will also observe the orbital pattern, velocity and path of the asteroid.

A Chinese astronomer named Zhao Haibin of the Purple Mountain Observatory has also revealed that a high probability of an asteroid known as 2009ES is bound to hit the Earth. Thus, apart from conspiracy theorists, it has been found that even the experts have already observed this phenomenon. Is the Earth really coming to an end?

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