WWE John Cena, To Turn Heel Soon, Survivor Series Perhaps?

The face that runs WWE for about a decade right now might be going on the other side. The last time we saw Cena as a heel was way back when he was the Dr. of Thuganomics.

John Cena, the 15-time World Heavyweight Champion is considered as the greatest talent of his decade due to his accolades and works outside the squared circle. He has been literally the face of the company. He embodied what a WWE superstar would look like and he was successful about it.

However, fans are already tired and bored with his "face" gimmick. His five moves of doom pisses of most of the wrestlers including him because he's not given a chance to rediscover or expand his arsenal. John Cena is great don't get me wrong but he needs to change his style as it is becoming too predictable once his steps in the ring.

For the past couple of months, we are seeing a different Cena. Different in a way that he is not holding his back with regards to his interviews, the way he acts resembles his first days as Dr. of Thuganomics, and his skill set is different. Before, he has the five knuckle shuffle and the other four, right now he is mixing it. If there is one superstar capable of adjusting and adapting into different styles, it would be Cena and that's what he's doing right now.

Remember when he was involved in a verbal war against The Phenomenal One AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose? Not only he spoke like the Dr. of Thuganomics but dropping some bombs that he was not allowed to do for the past decade. He reiterates the time when Stone Cold called out Ambrose stating that he has no balls.

So are we looking at a potential role change in Cena? Is he going to be a heel this time? A heel turn is the best thing to do right now for John Cena. It will create some noise once he'll do it and he will surely enjoy it.

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