Red Dead Redemption Teaser Is Not What You Think! 7 Silhouettes For Final Fantasy 15 Poster After All

The Red Dead Redemption became a paradox for Final Fantasy 15 as Square Enix parodied Rockstar Games' teaser image for the upcoming sequel to the famous western title. The teaser image was unveiled in Twitter showing what is said to be the seven characters in the upcoming game. Square Enix, on the other hand made a poster as well with their own characters from Final Fantasy 15.

Rockstar Games previously released what is believed to be a Red Dead Redemption 3 teaser over the weekend. The developer rolled out a visual of their iconic logo in front of a stark red background analogous to the open world western title's artistic elements. In addition, after the teaser, Rockstar also revealed in Twitter what is said to be a concept art for the Red Dead Redemption follow-up. The image depicted the silhouettes of seven characters with a minimalist sunrise backdrop.

On that note, the gaming world is said to have shifted into full hype mode for the much-awaited announcement from Rockstar Games on Red Dead Redemption. Moreover, Final Fantasy 15 game developer Square Enix is said to have joined in on the anticipation for RDR 2 as well. The developers behind the upcoming role-playing game came out with a Final Fantasy 15 poster parodying Red Dead 3 teaser image released. The poster included Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis instead of RDR's prospective characters.

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games is said to have dropped clues about a sequel to the revered open world video game. Red Dead Redemption was reportedly one of the most acclaimed videos on the last console generation. Furthermore, it has been six years since RDR was released.

Red Dead Redemption has recently been compatible with the Xbox One since July. Apparently, with the release of the image sporting Rockstar's logo along with the game's mottled red and black colour scheme as seen in the original. Furthermore, the profile pictures of the game on Facebook and Twitter have been changed to an inverted version. Watch video about Red Dead Redemption 2 FIRST OFFICIAL TEASE! Reveal Trailer Coming & RDR2 Finally Confirmed!

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