Nintendo NX Hooks Up To Your TV Like Chromecast?

By Chaps , Oct 18, 2016 04:51 AM EDT

Nintendo NX has been plaguing the internet with all sorts of leak, rumors, news, and everything else just to pique the gaming community's curiosity over the mysterious console. Will it be a handheld like the 3DS? Or it will be a bigger console attached to the TV like the Wii? When anything new comes out about Nintendo's upcoming console, it spiked everyone's interest more, especially Nintendo NX release date.

Nintendo NX October Reveal

One of the most controversial Nintendo NX updates would definitely include the unveiling of the console's details. According to a tweet by Takashi Mochizuki, a Wall Street Journal tech reported, "Speculation is Nintendo would unveil NX details in coming week. I guess all we can do is just wait. No announcement from company yet."

The new Nintendo NX release date speculation could be true or not but still, that doesn't stop news from coming in. Another significant rumor about Nintendo's little-known console that was just released is that it may be a portable device after all that comes with detachable controllers.

Nintendo NX Portable Like Chromecast?

According to a recent report from French tech news site, Gameblog, they have obtained Nintendo NX information that describes the unit's portable portion is somewhat like Google Chromecast. If you are not familiar with Chromecast, it's actually a streaming device that users can hook directly to the HDMI port of the TV. The drive then picks up the streaming content from a mobile device or PC.

Gameblog revealed that several sources have indicated that Nintendo NX will utilize the same technology with the Chromecast, which will allow users to play games on their TV units. Now, we have to admit, this rumor seems possible since we have had several news about the NX planning to veer away from the traditional console. We even remember Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, stating that the new Nintendo machine has a new approach.

While we know so little about the Nintendo NX, the only logical thing to do now is wait for Nintendo's upcoming reveal of their so-called "magnificent console".

One speculation is that the Nintendo NX will be revealed after Pokemon Sun and Moon:

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