'Wayward Pines' Season 3 News And Update: Plot Ready For The New Season But Fox Not Renewing Show?

Showrunners of "Wayward Pines" reveals the plot is all set for season 3 even though the series has not been given the green light yet for a new season. According to the author of the novel, Blake Crouch, the storyline is already set and they already know where the story will go.

The author and series co-executive producer M. Night Shyamalan were reported to have already discussed the storyline "Just in terms of where the story goes, 'Wayward Pines' has always been about man's final hours," said the author. Season 3 will be about how the people on earth will spend their last hours in life.

The author also reveals that "Wayward Pines" have always been about mankind facing their own extinction. He explains that humans will be the first species to know they are close to extinction. The last saber-tooth tiger didn't know it was the last saber-tooth tiger, but the idea that man knows he is in the sunset of his species is fascinating material to play in," adds the author.

However, the series is still not given the green light. Reports claim that the delay may be due to the fact that its previous season was not as big as its first one, particularly based on viewership and its ratings. It can be remembered that its first season was so big that it became the top scripted show of the summer.

But hope is not all gone as Fox Television Group CEO and co-chairman, Dana Walden, confirms that season 3 can happen and thinks that there will be one. Moreover, Crouch also shares that the upcoming season will still include characters from the previous season and possibly new ones.

"Wayward Pines" first aired on May 14, 2015, and the second season on May 25, 2016. The last episode of the second season concluded on July 27, 2016.

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