Beyond Good And Evil 2 Will Be A Nintendo NX Exclusive; A Semi Reboot Rather Than A Sequel

How would you like to know that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is already been confirmed? Yes, one of the most anticipated game sequels is officially in pre-production according to Ubisoft and not only that, there are a few more juicy details about the action-adventure game.

The sequel to 2003 Beyond Good & Evil has been reported to be currently in pre-development with Michel Ancel heading the project. Rumors about the game have piqued the gaming community's interest especially when it was said that Beyond Good and Evil will be a Nintendo NX exclusive.

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Exclusive for Nintendo NX?

While the rumor about Ubisoft's upcoming title being a Nintendo NX exclusive can both surprise and dismay several fans, just remember, it's not official yet. It was also speculated that Nintendo will most likely unveil Beyond Good and Evil 2 CG trailer alongside the Nintendo NX reveal.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is also said to partially show a retelling of Jade's origin story, "flesh out Peyg's back story, then continue to extrapolate on the ending of the original game".

Beyond Good And Evil 2: A Reboot?

The said speculation was said to start when one source who is "familiar with negotiations on the forthcoming project" further slipped the notion that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will "feature a subtitle rather than a number at the end of its title". In short, series creator Ancel is most likely going to have the upcoming game as a semi-reboot rather than an actual sequel. The source explained that Ubisoft and Ancel would want to give the new players (those who haven't played the original) a much easier way of entering the game's narrative, this way; it will accommodate both old and new fans.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is said to aim for a Summer 2018 release.

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