Pokémon GO Generation 2 To Arrive March 2017?

Ever since Niantic announced that Generation 2 is coming to Pokémon GO, fans have been hyped with the thought of having more monsters to catch. Currently, the game only has the first generation, which has been too easy for some. The developers have not confirmed a date for its arrival, but it is rumored that it will be coming next year.

Pokémon GO Generation 2 Arriving Q1 2017

According to Neurogadget, rumors point to a March 2017 release. Niantic has understandably kept mum about it, but many believe that the speculation is highly likely to be true. It has only been three months since Pokémon GO was launched and only a few have caught most of the monsters in the current Pokedex, so it may still be a long way off before fans can add Gen 2 Pokemon in their to-catch list.

Many are not happy with the idea that Gen 2 is not coming soon. Pokémon GO is experiencing major dips in user count so some noted that anytime soon is a good idea to release new Pokémon in the wild to lure back players.

Pokémon GO Generation 2 Coming With Legendaries?

Still absent from Pokémon GO are the legendaries Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, which represent Team Mystic, Instinct and Valor respectively. Per Mic, these birds are coming around the same time as Gen 2. Speculations suggest that they will arrive just before the next generation.

Aside from new Pokémon, major updates are expected to roll out as well. Niantic previously teased about the Trading feature coming soon and data miners have already uncovered some details about it. This suggests that the much-awaited feature, which was expected from day one, is bound to arrive soon.

These are just rumors at the moment, so it is advised that fans take these with a grain of salt. More news about Pokémon GO Gen 2 can be expected soon.

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