BIGBANG Reveals More Details On Upcoming 'MADE' Album; First Mega-Scale MV Filmed With 300 Extras

By Dan Niel , Oct 19, 2016 02:06 PM EDT

BIGBANG has confirmed they have finished filming a mega-scale music video for the first title track of their third full album, "MADE." The group also revealed they are preparing for the music video filming for the album's second title track.

"BIGBANG recently concluded filming the music video for their new song. The third album that they're preparing for will contain double title tracks," YG Entertainment announced Wednesday, Oct. 19, according to Soompi.

YG Entertainment's official website revealed that the first music video was filmed on Tuesday, Oct. 18 in Chungju in North Chungcheong province in South Korea. The said video was filmed in a grand scale with 300 extras. BIGBANG members as well as YG's head producer Yang Hyun Suk were reportedly satisfied with the results so the album will be released without a hitch this year.

The group further revealed that they will shoot the music video for "MADE's" second track next month. The schedule was not set this month to give BIGBANG members time to recover and the date for the group's official comeback will be determined after the filming.

In celebration of the group's 10th anniversary, BIGBANG released four mini-albums "M", "A", "D", and "E" from May to August last year. The final icing to the cake will be their third full-length album "MADE" to be released before the year ends.

BIGBANG also had a variety of other activities to commemorate their first decade in the industry. These include a film titled "Big Bang Made," which follows the group's experiences in their "Made World Tour 2015," released on June 30. There's also a photo book project titled "BIGBANG10 the collection: A TO Z," which contains sneak peeks behind the scenes of BIGBANG's music video filmings and concert preparations. It was made available on Oct. 19 at S-Factory. Finally, a limited edition vinyl LP was also released on Oct. 13.

BIGBANG is scheduled to have a 10th anniversary concert which will be held on Oct. 30.


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