Supermoons 2016: What To Do If You Missed The Last Event

By Sai , Oct 19, 2016 03:04 PM EDT

Supermoon or also known as perigee is a natural phenomenon of having a full Moon or a new moon at its closest distance to Earth. It is during this time where a Super Full Moon appears to be 14 to 30% percent bigger as compared to its counterpart, the Micromoon or the apogee.

So don't get disappointed if you have missed the spectacular supermoon last weekend as there are two more supermoons on the horizon before the end of 2016. According to CNN, a supermoon has the ability to dominate the night sky which could probably give its spectators the rare opportunity to capture photos like professional photographers.

The said natural phenomenon is set to appear right before our very eyes on November 14, and it could actually be a biggie. So far this century, it is believed that this supermoon is the closest one to appear on Earth. However, that would still be depending as to where you are situated while looking at it and as we also need to consider another natural occurrence - the weather condition.

As per CBS News, NASA considers a supermoon as a modernized concept of a full moon that is within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit. In the recent times, it supermoon is believed to have already evolved to refer to a more broadly full moon than that of the Earth's average moon size.

Meanwhile, the next date where it is set to appear for the last time this year is on December 14. NASA claims that the last supermoon of the year will conceal the normally astounding views of the Geminid meteor shower which has the tendency to turn the fantastic Geminids into an astronomical footnote.

Come November 14, 2016, we will all be able to witness another of nature's spectacular phenomenon and its feels. As for now, these are all just scientific studies that are yet to be proven true.

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