UFO Hunter Found Dead Before Expose: Asks Mother To 'Investigate' Prior To Chilling Death, Men In Black Involved?

A UFO enthusiast and a father of two, Max Spiers, was found dead on a sofa in Poland, where he was supposed to give a talk about conspiracy theory and UFO's. Authorities have claimed that there is no foul play to Spier's death, but his mother apparently claims that he has no health issues at all since he is all fit and healthy.

According to The Sun, 63-year-old Vanessa Bates, mother of Max Spiers, her son's dark investigation and research about the UFO's and the government's was being suspected as the reason why his enemies want him dead. Days before his death, the 39-year old UFO expert was still able to send a cryptic text message which says: "Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate."

Vanessa claimed that her son was already starting to make a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and has even been invited to speak at a conference in Poland last July. He stayed with a woman whom he had not known for so long and the same woman was reportedly the one who told Vanessa that she has found him dead on the sofa.

However, despite the information given to Vanessa, she firmly believes that somebody really wants him dead as he goes out of his way just to dig in the dark places of his research. The Washington Post has also revealed that some UFO bloggers like Craig Hewlett, believes that Spiers was actually murdered. Others are also requesting for an autopsy from the authorities. As per Hewlett, healthy people don't just easily get sick and die in a snap.

Furthermore, friends of the 39-year old victim have taken into account that he has vomited a black liquid. Moments after that, Spier's was found dead in a Warsaw apartment. The unexplained death of Max Spiers left his online followers convinced that he was killed by government agents. Other conspiracy theorists have even more been convinced that UFO chasers who get too close to the truth are "bumped off" by the secret service or what they commonly know as the Men in Black.

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