'Rick And Morty' Season 3 To Air On December 2016, Delay Caused By Darker Storyline

By Marion Villareal , Oct 19, 2016 04:21 PM EDT

"Rick and Morty" season three is just a few months away and the fans are already anticipating its upcoming return. However, there have been speculations that the release date might be pushed back since the writers are allegedly having a hard time with its plot.

The Interdimensional Plot For Upcoming "Rick And Morty" Can't Be Sustained?

A few weeks ago, the Interdimensional Cable theme or the upcoming "Rick and Morty" was released by Adult Swim, like a prologue to its upcoming third season. It showed Rick, escaping prison from where he was left off during the second season finale and discovering that everything was all a lie. He realizes that he is merely an animated character in someone else's story, which is going to make him depressed.

The said plot was supporting the confirmation made by writers Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland themselves when they claimed that the upcoming season was going to tackle a darker storyline. "Rick and Morty" season three will allegedly be getting deeper into its plot, which has resulted to the introduction of an interdimensional plotline. However, reports have claimed that the writers are afraid that they might be having trouble maintaining such storyline which could fail the fans this season.

Will "Rick And Morty" Return With Its Third Installment As Expected This December 2016?

Thus, this has resulted to the speculations that the expected December 2016 release date for "Rick and Morty" might be pushed back a couple of months further. Harmon and Roiland are allegedly still trying to fix the plot for the series' much-awaited return, which could cause a delay in its production. Nevertheless, they have assured the fans that they will definitely be bringing something new to the table that will keep them hooked on this animated series.

"Rick and Morty" is still expected to return during the presumed release date later this year, beginning in Morty rescuing his grandfather Rick from prison, with the help of Summer. This then begins the new journey of their lives with Rick becoming fully aware of what they are.

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