'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 63 & 64 Spoilers: Vegeta Sacrifices Life To Save Trunks; Zamasu And Black Set For A Deadly Fusion

By Jen Aguilar , Oct 20, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

As “Dragon Ball Super” continues to unleash the superpowers of its main characters, the press and the followers of the popular manga series are more than willing to wait for the upcoming air dates of the new episodes. In a short period of time, “DBS” strong followers will be able to witness the highly anticipated battles of Trunks, Goku, Black, and Zamasu. Who wouldn’t want to miss the thrill?

A previous report noted that chapter 63 called “I will not ever let you harm the Saiyan pride'' (Vegeta fights with all his strength) will show Son Goku and Vegeta’s completion of their respective training. Goku was reported to have mastered the Mafuba technique which is an evil containment wave method, designed to Zamasu and Black while Vegeta finished his training in the room time.

While the two are more than prepared for the upcoming clash, it seems that their strengths and skills will not outmatch the villains in Black and Zamasu. A source noted that Trunks’ life will be put in danger as Black Goku is determined to destroy him. Vegeta on his part will not allow a downfall of Trunks, thus, he will sacrifice himself in the process, leaving himself severely injured despite maximizing his super powers.

To maintain the overwhelming mystery and action, “Dragon Ball Super” episode 64 will feature a deadly fusion of Zamasu and Black. Per Australian Network News, The title itself says it all - “Praise and Adore Him! The explosive birth of Merged Zamasu.

Black and Zamasu will unite their superpowers expected to cause tragic experiences to their opponents. The pair will merge using the green Potara earrings against the team of heroes. Given the combined forces of Black and Zamasu, Vegeta and Goku’s future are hinted to take a back seat - dark and weak.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 63 will be aired on Fuji TV on October 23 and episode 64 takes the Oct. 30 slot.

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