Overwatch News: Junkrat Will Be Proud At The Latest Agents of Shield

By K.C , Oct 20, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Overwatch has once again dominated Hollywood on the latest episode of Agents of Shield where the Avengers spinoff-series had made numerous Overwatch references of a particular in-game hero. Apparently, Overwatch writers are not the only ones capable of making amazing Easter Eggs as you'll be surprised about the parallels between the newest character of Agents of Shield, James and the Overwatch hero, Junkrat.

The latest episode of Agents of Shield introduced a new Inhuman character, James, a former demolitions expert that seemingly has a lot of similarities with the Overwatch' hero Junkrat. The new character is seen to display fervor over destruction and fire - even keen enough to inflict self-injury.

This is just the first part of the TV series' Easter Eggs. If you can remember, Junkrat's real name is Jamison Fawkes and the newest Agents of Shield character is James. Are you noticing the pattern already? Well, if you're that much of a skeptic, take a look at the exact Junkrat dialogues that James had uttered throughout the episode.

In the video above, courtesy of CherryTF, you can exactly see the parallels between the two characters which the writer of the episode, publicly confirmed. In a Reddit post, Matt Owens, the episode writer said: "Hi. Matt Owens, writer of the episode here. Can confirm the references. A couple of Tracer ones too from Simmons. Subtle ones cause her quotes would be too obvious to sneak in. Hooray crossover!"

It seems that Owens is a huge fan of Overwatch and even said: "Overwatch procrastination is a large part of my writing process haha." It appears that when the writer is not in the mood, he plays Overwatch. Seems legit I guess.

The fun doesn't end here as Owens also stated in the long Reddit post that future episodes of Agents of Shield will hold Overwatch Easter Eggs. Personally, I'm rooting for a future Genji reference but it'll probably be the hardest one to make. Nonetheless, you might want to keep an eye for the future episodes of Marvel's Agents of Shield for more Overwatch Easter Eggs!

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