Overwatch Guide: 100% Success Rate For Junkenstein's Revenge Hard Mode

The latest Overwatch Halloween event was met with a lot of enthusiasm and positive reviews from fans especially with the newest addition of a PvE brawl: The Junkenstein's Revenge. The added mode features a PvE base-defense arena where you have to defend a certain door (defense point) against masses of enemy units and bosses.

Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge is playable in three difficulties: easy, normal and hard. The first two difficulties can easily be cleared with just basic skills and tactics but the latter entails proper tactics, communication and coordination from all four players.

Note that in order for this Overwatch guide to work, players must have deep knowledge on how the PvE brawl works thus you need to have good experience and familiarization on where and when the adds and bosses spawn. If you already have a good knowledge on how Junkenstein's Revenge works, then don't have any problem executing this guide.

Overwatch Basics

One thing you notice in Overwatch hard mode is the drastic increase of HP and damage of monsters particular Zombardirs which can easily wipe the group with its cannon's splash damage. As such, one of the key components to a successful base defense is proper communication and positioning of each player. Lastly, save your ultimates for boss spawn (except for Soldier 76). Now that we've tackled the basics, let's move on to the essential roles of each class.


Ana should be positioned at the far back of the Overwatch team, your primary role is to watch your team's HP and properly observe and coordinate how the battle goes. You're basically in command of the group. Your ultimate, Nano boost should be solely given to McCree in order for his Deadeye to quickly take out the elites. You may want to give your Nano boost to Hanzo during the FIRST Jankenstein spawn as it'll drop his HP to around 10% HP. But this will be for one instance only as it's vital for Deadeye to be Nano boosted every time it's on CD during the entire course of the brawl.


Hanzo's primary role is to take out Zombardirs and because of this, he should be the one that'll be moving more frequently across the Overwatch map. As Hanzo, you should be wary of the spawn time of each mob and move away as you take out the Zombardirs first. Your other team mates should be the ones focusing the adds. Also take note that your ultimate must be used for Junkensteins only as he'll have no way of dodging the attack when fired at him. Considering its low CD, you have more freedom to use your ultimate which can be essential during boss phase, where you can use it to finish off Zomnics that are trying to sneak into the backline.


McCree is the elite or boss killer. His Deadeye should always be paired with Ana's Nano Boost everytime it's on cooldown. As McCree, your primary role is to finish off elites as soon as possible. With Ana's Nano Boost, your Deadeye can easily take out the Reaper and Mercy and adds will spawn together with them without a problem. One of the most suggested position for a McCree is on the far left-hand side of the group.

Soldier 76

As Soldier 76, you are tasked to control the adds in order for your team to easily take out the boss. A good Soldier 76 must be positioned at the center, where you can easily maneuver in-between add spawns. Your Tactical Visor can easily clear out waves of adds and is also very efficient in taking down the Witch as her mobility is basically nullified with it. Also, be strategic and efficient when placing down your healing field as it's the only way that your team can recover during battle. The best way is to drop it at the center, where your team can easily access the healing field when needed.

Overwatch Boss Battle

The Reaper

This elite is the easiest one to beat with just a simple Nano Boost into Deadeye. Just be careful with his shotgun as it deals a considerable amount of damage to any members. As usual, Soldier 76 will have to control and clear the adds with the help of Ana.

Overwatch Junkenstein's Monster

Just like the Reaper, Nano Boost into Deadeye this monster to deal the highest damage possible. But as McCree, you might want to keep your distance and position against this elite as he will be focusing on you once you cast your ultimate to him. Try to dodge the hooks and use flashbang when he starts casting his ultimate. Ana should also use her grenade in order to prevent this monster from self-healing. Also, as Ana, you should be using your sleep dart when he starts casting his ultimate. If done properly, you shouldn't be having any problem with Junkenstein's Monster. Also take note that Ana MUST have her ultimate ready before this elite goes down as Junkenstein will soon spawn right after his monster dies.


When Junkenstein appears, use Nano Boost into Deadeye once again. After McCree uses his ultimate, you should be helping Soldier 76 in clearing the adds while Hanzo will be the one focusing Junkenstein as he's an easy target with Hanzo's Dragon while he's immobile. The Reaper will also spawn during this instance but he's an easy target. Just spread out to avoid his cannon's splash damage and save your ultimates for the final battle.

Mercy, Roadhog and Junkrat

After the end of the round, the last three Overwatch bosses will appear: Mercy, Roadhog and Junkrat. Basically, your primary target is Mercy in order to prevent her from buffing, healing and reviving the other two elites. Kill Mercy with Nano boost into Deadeye while controlling Roadhog with the use of sleep dart and kiting. This battle is pretty much over as soon as Mercy is down. Your next target will be Roadhog and lastly Junkrat. The other two doesn't pose much of a problem. Just avoid their damaging skills while spreading out and by then, you've basically finished the game at this point.

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