GTA 6 Update: High Budget Could Affect Game's Existence

There's a possibility that the development of GTA 6 has already started, and perhaps, Rockstar just wants to keep things under wraps. But as each day passes by, more and more speculations about its existence surface. However, the biggest question might be: How much will the title cost? While there's no definite answer, many suggest that it'll be quite expensive.

According to Neurogadget, the predecessor of GTA 6 -- GTA 5 -- alone has asked the studio to come up with at least $265 million. The figure here makes the title one of the most expensive installment to have ever been developed. Good thing -- despite the game's massive budget -- it was able to generate more than a whopping $800 million. And take note: the latter was acquired within a short period of 24 hours.

Obviously, it's possible that GTA 6 will cost or will require more than the aforementioned amount. Why? For a whole bunch of reasons, of course. Nevertheless, one of the likely factors is the talks about the game sporting a VR capability. This one here will definitely require a good amount of resources from Rockstar.

If GTA 6, for instance, will introduce a world that is much larger in size compared to GTA 5, then the title could cost more or less $260 million. If the VR support is to be considered, then it's only safe to say that it'll require a budget of around $300 million. And indeed, these are figures worth double checking for. Rockstar won't simply shell out a budget as massive as the aforesaid if the game proves to be a defeat in the market.

Nevertheless, it's very unlikely for GTA 6 to be neglected by the community. So far, fans have shown great respect to the whole franchise -- and this can be traced back to the first installment in the series. But with things being in the dark, it's difficult to assume.

Simply put, the very existence of GTA 6 could rely to its much needed budget. While one can say that Rockstar has the resources to do so, they're still a business entity. And as such, the executives would want to ensure that they gain profit at the end of the day.

What are your thoughts on GTA 6? Do you think it'll require a much larger budget compared to the other titles in the franchise? What are your expectations for the game? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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