Here's Why Rockstar Won't Cancel GTA 6

GTA 6 is arguably among the highly anticipated titles from Rockstar Games. Given the success of the whole franchise, it's only understandable for the community to expect yet another installment. And of course, the studio can also share the same sentiment. Nevertheless, there are talks about its possible cancellation or something. Well, here's why fans should sit still and believe that it'll indeed arrive.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, GTA 6 was believed to have been delayed due to a possible exclusivity deal between Rockstar and Microsoft. In fact, there were even those who believe that the video game company would instead give utmost focus on the fifth installment. The latter reason, in particular, is justifiable given the high market success of the latest title.

So why won't Rockstar cancel GTA 6? Why is it foolish to think that the studio will actually not pursue it?

First and foremost, GTA 6 fans should keep in mind that Take-Two Interactive plans to support and make GTA Online profitable (at least 2020), as reported by GTA 5 Cheats. And true enough, it's happening. The upcoming arrival of Biker DLC is a living proof to that.

And what's the connection between GTA 6 and the aforementioned DLC? Well, this is basically a testament that the company is willing to consume popular requests and/or opinions. Remember that fans have long been waiting for the said content. As for the new installment, sure enough, the community has since been clamoring for it. Obviously, the studio has heard them.

Actually, there's more proof as to why GTA 6 will happen. Take note that Rockstar is reaping sales after sales thank to its latest flagship title. The last sale report indicate that the company has at least crossed the 65 million copies shipped barrier. Heck, even the digital sales alone is exceptional. The point here is that the devs have the right resources to pursue another Grand Theft Auto title.

The idea here is to understand a title's success in the market. For instance, title A was released and is already existing for at least a year or two. If it proves to be a hit, then there's the potential of a franchise. Now, shifting back to GTA 6, the franchise it'll belong to is already record breaker (the five titles explain it all). If it proved otherwise, the whole Grand Theft Auto series wouldn't have made it to a fifth installment.

So yeah, GTA 6 will happen -- there's no doubt about it. And even the community will agree to that. However, as to when, it remains a mystery. Besides, why would Rockstar rush things, right? They're reaping the efforts they did with GTA 5, so it's only plausible that they'll continue to support it.

What are your thoughts on GTA 6? Do you also believe that it's going to happen sooner or later? Share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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