Supercell To Release Clash Of Clans Halloween Event?

Just recently, Supercell has unleashed the much awaited update for Clash of Clans. It was first targeted for September, but only this month did it become a reality. Well, nevertheless, fans can agree that it was worth the wait. After all, the features and improvements brought are remarkable. But hey, the studio is actually set to release yet another update in time for the Halloween season.

If Clash of Clans players are to observe the way Supercell releases updates, they'll notice that the studio is fond of rolling out such twice in month. So, in one way or another, the community might just be able to acquire a total of two updates in October. And yes, the studio has two reasons for doing so.

First and foremost, Supercell wants to make up to the Clash of Clans community for delaying the update. Remember, it was meant for September, with fans already expecting its arrival. Alas, it didn't arrive, and on that time, the video game company didn't give out any specifics.

The second and most feasible Clash of Clans reason is the fact that Halloween is fast approaching. And really, it seems most developers want to take advantage of the season and release events or updates. This is also the perfect time for Supercell to introduce skins or whatnots for the game's characters. Or perhaps, they can unleash items specifically made for the event.

If the Halloween Clash of Clans update is to arrive, its release window could possibly be on the last week of October. There's a greater chance that it'll not focus on tweaks and/or improvements, but merely it'll be about items that are dressed for the occasion.

It's worth noting that the studio has iterated that Clash of Clans, thanks to the October update, is already glitch free. The big reveal was made via the game's official Twitter account. Besides, it should be, considering the promise they've given to the community.

In related Clash of Clans news, lots of players have noticed the nerf that developers did to the game's Miners. That they appear to be much weaker compared to their previous versions. Supercell has already commented on it, stating that it was a bug; hence they needed to apply the changes.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans having a Halloween-themed event? If this is to happen, what are the things you're looking forward to? Be sure to keep us updated by using the comment section below!

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