Super Typhoon Haima (Lawin): The Aftermath Of Destruction

The Aftermath Of Super Typhoon Haima
Baguio City was hit by super typhoon Haima and the aftermath speaks for itself Photo : facebook/ Dotty Clasara

Just when I thought I already experienced the worst typhoon in Haiyan(Yolanda), Super Typhoon Haima(Lawin) proved me wrong.

A category 5 cyclone or typhoon is no joke and it should be taken seriously. Amidst the departure of Typhoon Sarika(Karen), another one just hit the country. This time, this super typhoon is built for the kill. With super strong winds that has the capability to uproot a grown tree and demolish houses in an instant, which warrants immediate evacuation.

Prior to hitting the Philippine Area of Responsibility or PAR, we were given numerous warnings already on how massive and destructive Haima will be. Local officials and non-government organizations made an extreme effort to educate and advise citizens to leave their premises immediately. However, even the evacuation centers are no match against this hellacious super typhoon.

Packed with its 225 kmh(140 mph) killer winds, no one is safe along its path. Yesterday, October 20, 2016 at 11PM Manila Standard Time, Haima made its landfall in the province of Cagayan. As soon as the Super Typhoon arrived, it made an immediate destruction and eradication on the helpless town. The two provinces, Cagayan and Isabela, was categorzed under storm signal 5 which is the highest in about a decade.

As per reports, Haiyan is considered stronger than Haima because of the amount of rain it has. But as for our experience, it's the other way around. The Super Typhoon is so massive it covered the whole part of North Luzon. Haiyan didn't have that massive area specially the killer winds that Haima have. Approximately 24 provinces, 18 cities were affected by this devil-like typhoon. Whether you are in the highlands or near the bay area, Haima's one goal is to destroy anything on it's path.

During the storm surge, I tried to check how strong Haima is. I even tried to take a snapshot and video of the super typhoon. All I can hear is the hammering loud noise created by the winds and heavy rain on the metal sheets. The wind is so vicious it creates a whistle that I will never forget. I even noticed one of the pine trees' being uprooted. The tree is no ordinary tree as it is already 100+ years old according to the city. Over 3000+ families affected in the city and over 250,000+ total, in North Luzon.

After six hours of non stop rain and catastrophic winds, the sun finally appears. However, we still feel the strong winds blowing the city. I decided to take snapshots of the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haima. I traveled from one street to another and the site is so depressing. The city is literally destroyed in an instant. Road block after road block, electrical posts and trees clogging the intercity, I felt hopeless.

I tried to check some of the tourist sites in our city, now it's all like a dumpsite. No more strawberry farms, Camp John Hay shared its side of devastation as well, locals and tourists a like on panic buying mode. The Super Typhoon left the city on the brink of breaking down, but seeing how we respond after the super typhoon has struck, makes me proud.

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