Nintendo Latest News: Nintendo Switch Finally Unveiled

Nintendo just introduced their latest gaming console and it's not called the Nintendo NX. The company released a three-minute trailer today to introduce the Nintendo Switch.

The short video highlighted the Switch's portability and impressive graphics. At the end of the trailer, the company announced that the console's release date is March 2017. The specific date of release has not yet been confirmed.

Earlier rumors suggested that Nintendo would release a handheld hybrid design to go with the NX. Turns out, the company's new product is a console-portable hybrid. It is a fusion of the company's popular products - the handheld and the TV-connected game consoles. CNET describes the Switch as a handheld system, a gaming tablet and a dockable console in one.

The Switch can easily connect to a TV just by docking or sliding the whole console into a Nintendo Switch Dock. The device will automatically shift to a portable mode when taken out of the dock.

Two controllers called Joy-Con controllers, slip on and off the sides of the tablet which mimics the Wii U game pad. Each Joy-Con has a small analog stick and four buttons. The individual controllers can slide into a Joy-Con Grip creating a stand-alone controller. The console has a kickstand so users can play games without holding it.

The gamepad accepts game cartridges and can be recharged through the console.

The Switch is also marketed for multiplayer gaming, as clearly seen in the trailer. In the trailer, a group of gamers practiced the game Splatoon amongst themselves before proceeding to a gaming event. For The Verge, this shows a "forward-thinking application" of the Switch and may cater to e-sports.

The Nintendo Switch is powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra Processor. It has a GPU based on the GeForce gaming graphics cards.

According to Business Insider, the late president Satoru Iwata first announced the new console in March 2015. Satoru said that "as proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated system business, let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept under the development codename 'NX'." As it stands, the NX is indeed just a codename.

The Nintendo Switch comes after the Wii U which hasn't performed up to expectations. The company also has the NES Classic Edition lined up. The new smaller version of the beloved console will be released in November.

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