Self-lacing Nike Sneakers Raises $6.75 Million For Parkinson's Disease

By Edge Ison , Oct 21, 2016 04:29 AM EDT

The iconic self-lacing shoes based on the pair worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future Part II have sold for a total of $6.75 million.

Nike produced 89 pairs of the Mag for the auction. Apparently, the number of Mags created and auctioned off was a nod to the movie that inspired it, according to TechCrunch. The first Back to the Future film starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd was shown in 1989.

Fox, who played the time-travelling teenager in the Back to the Future films posted a Tweet showing his appreciation to those who participated in the auction. All of the proceeds from the auction will go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation which is working to find a cure for Parkinson's disease. Fox has suffered from the disease since the 90s.

His foundation raised $87 million last year and has spent around $600 million since 2000, according to Forbes. While progress has been slow, a couple of companies that the foundation has helped will file FDA applications for medicines aimed at treating patients suffering from Parkinson's. Acorda Therapeutics is working on an inhalable version of Levodopa, the main medication prescribed for the disease. The other company, Sunuvion, is creating a strip containing apomorphine that is placed under the tongue.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation through Fox Trial Finder also supports Acadia Pharmaceuticals in its development of the Nuplazid, the first drug for treating psychosis connected to Parkinson's.

The technology used in the Mags will also be utilized in the HyperAdapt. This will allow consumers to get a feel of how the self-lacing Mags work. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the company's first self-lacing shoes t be mass-produced, will be available during the holiday season.

Another icon from the BTTF franchise recently made a comeback. The new DeLorean company recently announced that it will create 300 new DeLorean DMC-12 cars and that they can now be pre-ordered.

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