Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Games Designed After Donald Trump, Current Events?

Pokemon Sun and Moon are two games that most Pokemon lovers are looking forward to. With its launch date nearing, the hype just grows each day. And obviously, fans can't help but speculate whatever there's to speculate about the upcoming titles. Here are the new details about them.

In an interview with Game Informer, director and composer Junichi Masuda has revealed a couple of interesting things about Pokemon Sun and Moon. One is the talked about design of Yungoos/Gumshoos, which, to some, are believed to have been modeled after the POTUS candidate Donald Trump.

Masuda admitted that there are a good number of Pokemon Sun and Moon fans who've sent him photos, showing the relevance of the entities. However, he pointed out that the design phase of the Pokemon has started way before Trump announced his campaign for presidency. That, in one way or another, they didn't plan or intend to make the creature similar to the titular political figure.

As for the possibility of Pokemon Sun and Moon having similarities to current events, the director and composer explained that he and his team "don't really look" into such. Nevertheless, if there's one thing that they consider, it's the fact that they try to design a Pokemon base on what people (or kids in particular) of that certain era might like. For instance, if there's a particular pet in an era that is famous or something, they'll try to incorporate it to a new creature for the game.

Masuda has also shed some light on the reason why Pokemon Sun and Moon are both set in Hawaii. The answer? Well, it's all because of the game being part of the 20th anniversary event. He also noted just how beautiful the place is, admitting that he have visited it for a couple of times already. And for him, "it captures it all."

It's worth mentioning that Pokemon Sun and Moon director wasn't expecting Pokemon GO to be a big hit. That at the beginning, he was all about believing that there are people who'll play it, but the quantity wouldn't be that large. Because at the end of the day, they simply want the experience to be as simple as it can be -- that is to experience the thrill of catching Pokemon.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? What about the statements that director and composer Junichi Masuda revealed? What are your expectations for the games? Be sure to share with us your reactions or opinions at the comment section below!

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