Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Everything We Know So Far

Pokemon Go Update: Everything You Need To Know About Gen 2 Patch
Here are some aditional information regarding the most-awaited major update of Pokemon Go. Photo : Lachlan/YouTube

Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is probably among the things that fans and players alike have been waiting for from Niantic. Unfortunately, the studio isn't quick to reveal any details about it, though they're fond of giving hints and whatnots. So, if you're among those who're stoked for the coming of the aforesaid update, here's everything you need to know about it first.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Release Date

As previously reported here at iTech Post, the most feasible release window for the so-called Pokemon GO Gen 2 update could be sometime next year. This one here came after the studio released two brand new features -- the catch bonuses and the more structured gym system. And believe it or not, it was Raza Ahmad -- a designer and narrative creator in Niantic -- who sparked the idea of the said update.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon GO fans are really wondering what Gen 2 update is all about. Heck, they can't even fathom what sort of Pokemon they'll be getting. As of this writing, publications after publications have iterated that the upcoming update will feature more evolutions -- especially for the Gen 1 Pokemon. For instance, Onix will be getting his Steelix (finally!) and Oddish to Bellossom. Obviously, these are just some of the many evolutions the community will be getting. (You can check out the other supposed evolutions here).

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Teams And Their Legendary Birds

One of the most rumored features of Pokemon GO Gen 2 update is the arrival of the Legendary birds. And take note: these will be introduced respectively in the game's 3 teams -- Mystic, Instinct and Valor. This is definitely worth waiting for, especially with the fact that no one has ever owned one. It remains a mystery, though, if the said Legendary creatures are to be set for teams only or whatnot.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update Introduces Trading

Trading system is definitely a show stopper in Pokemon GO. Well, in fact, such feature has proven to be a success in any titles in the industry. After all, people have this desire to communicate with other players and do business. This is primarily the concept of a trading system in the forthcoming Gen 2 update. However, like any other features involved in the aforesaid update, its technicalities remain unknown. But one thing's for sure -- it's going to happen.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 And Android Wear Support Feature

One of the features players should be looking forward to in the future is the so-called Pokemon GO Android Wear support. Its premise? Well, it's basically a wearable tech that works almost exactly the same with the Apple Watch version. But the interesting part is that this tech might arrive along with the release of another feature -- PvP Battles, that is. It holds true that players have been wanting to do battles with other players -- not just the simple idea of doing it on gyms. This is one of the things that Niantic is looking to add in the near future.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO Gen 2 update? Are you excited for the features mentioned above? What other things are you expecting from it? Just let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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