Nintendo Switch Has Been Launched But There's Something Wrong About It

The long wait is finally over for Nintendo fans who have been pining away for months guessing and hoping when the game company will launch or even reveal its next generation console. It did happen yesterday but alas, it was not Nintendo NX because they renamed the console and the final name is, as everybody knows by now, is Switch. It could have been the perfect launch but it seems like something is wrong about it, or is it just in the fans' minds?

To celebrate the re-naming of what Nintendo Co. dubs as crossover console, fans immediately took to Twitter and expressed their excitement and disappointment with the Nintendo Switch. On the happy side, Jay Kellz celebrated the launch of the console by changing the background music with Will Smith's 'Switch.' the result was much better because the song has a more upbeat sound than the one used by Nintendo. Will Smith's song somehow embodies the new look of Nintendo.

Not to be outdone, Max Scoville of IGN answered Kellz' video with his own but this time, he changed the music using Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' with amazing results as well. The music somehow added to the mood of the man who was playing the Nintendo Switch in his darkened living room. He looked sad but fortunately, there was the game console where he finds solace in.

The fan made ads were amazing and although Nintendo made a very entertainign and eye catching ad, it seems like its followers did better in putting a good advert for the console. This is where the cliche 'customers are right' will come in because those guys have really nailed it.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch is aptly titled and really delivered its promise to release a console which can be both a desktop or standalone game device you can carry everywhere. As a handheld device, it looked similar to the PSP but with a two-toned color. It can be docked it on the television as well if you want to play on a bigger screen.

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