Nintendo Switch: The Biggest Accidental Reveal During The Launch

The Nintendo Switch is already out but it seems like the game company has accidentally released a spoiler for its flagship game 'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.'

The game company posted not one but three videos on its official YouTube channel and it revealed much more than what Nintendo most probably wanted. Those who have seen the footage can't help but be impressed with the graphics and awesome visuals. The game's signature open space environment is still present but its color and feel greatly improved making the Nintendo Switch very promising.

There are many elements in the game that are noteworthy but one that really catches the attention is the dynamic weather in the game. This feature had been satisfactorily demonstrated during the E3 conference where players got a taste of what the new Legend of Zelda game is. Of course, at that time it was not for the Switch platform, it is also safe to say that the videos posted on YouTube did not specify which console it is made for it only has a description which says "in development mode."

Based on the videos and What was demonstrated during the conference, One can surmise that Nintendo has been putting a lot of effort on the game. Considering the fact that it will be the first game to be released for the platform, it seems like the game company wants everything to be perfect. As one game expert said during the Nintendo Switch launch, this is the company's 'last shot' at making handheld consoles. The observation can be true since the Wii U did not generate sales the way the company expected it to be. However, by making Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild its flagship game, this could be Nintendo's ace under the sleeve.

No one knows for sure yet if Zelda will help generate the Switch's sales when it makes its entry in the market in March 2017. But if the game, as seen on the trailers, will be this awesome, it won't be impossible to turn Nintendo's fate around and bring it back in the game arena.

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