Fallout 4 Update Listing May Not Be A DLC, So What Is It?

When a Fallout 4 update was listed on Steam, many speculated that this is an upcoming DLC. Bethesda previously announced that the last expansion would be Nuka World, so the listing sparked hope among fans that it is not true after all. However, evidence points otherwise.

Fallout 4 Update Is Not A DLC?

Rumors were shot down by Pete Hines himself, Bethesda vice president of PR and Marketing. People on Twitter asked him about the issue and he responded with, "As we previously said Nuka World was the final one."

This means that the Fallout 4 update, although a major one, is nothing like an expansion or DLC. The next question that boggles the mind of fans, however, is what it is about. The good news is Hines also responded to this question. The bad news is that he has not revealed what it is.

Fallout 4 Update Theories

A report from iDigitalTimes listed down theories about what the major Fallout 4 update is about. The number one speculation is that the upcoming update is a game of the year edition. If true, it will include all the DLCs and other content, which the article noted to be great for newcomers.

Another speculation about the Fallout 4 update is that it will install support for virtual reality gaming. VR headsets are getting more popular and many developers have already jumped into the bandwagon. The idea of Bethesda releasing a VR patch for the title is not too far-off. Even so, there is one issue with this rumor: VR titles are usually released separately.

It is unknown when Bethesda is planning to reveal some details about the upcoming Fallout 4 update. As of now, fans can only speculate. Although most expect it to be a patch for VR support, it is unknown what the devs are planning for the fans.

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