LG V20 Specs, News, Review: Torture Test Reveals Device's Durability

The LG V20 is one of the most talked-about phones this month. In fact, it's also one of the most popular alternatives for the discontinued Galaxy Note 7. If you're looking to get the LG V20, take note that LG might not be your mainstream phone brand but its latest flagship does come with some good stuff.

LG V20 Specs

When it comes to the phone's specs sheet, the LG V20 is pretty impressive. Sure, technical specifications of a device don't necessarily define its performance, but it's just good to know that the LG V20 was designed to compete with 2016's best smartphones. The phone is powered by Snapdragon 820 and it comes with 4 GB RAM, as per GSM Arena. It comes with a sufficient 3200 mAh battery and is Quick Charge 3.0 enabled. Three of the LG V20's pride includes its secondary display, dual camera, and native Nougat OS.

LG V20 Quick Review

It's safe to say that the LG V20 is getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. While some people would commend the V20's reliable processor and the LG UX's great additions, there are those who think that the last year's V10 is far more sophisticated than the V20, at least physically. Overall, the device is not perfect, but it's also undeniably a good performer. Basically, it's not the best, but it's pretty much at par with (or depending on your preference, better than) the premium brands.

LG V20 Durability

Popular smartphone tester JerryRigEverything did not let the LG V20 pass without being tested. Sure enough, the phone was put through a series of torture tests and the results are quite positive. The plastic areas of the V20 were easily scratched and even the metal parts could also be key-scratched. However, its glass protection and fingerprint scanner are doing an impressive job. LG V20's display was damaged using a level-6 sharpness tool and its fingerprint scanner worked perfectly even after being scratched. This means that with the V20, your display screen won't get scratched in your purse and your fingerprint scanner won't stop working even if its exteriors get thoroughly scratched.

The LG V20's display was also burn-tested and it took the screen about six seconds to darken and about a couple seconds to recover and revert to normal. The whole body of the V20 also underwent a bend test where it passed with flying colors. Bending the phone from the back shows how sturdy the LG V20 is, but bending it with its display facing upwards is a little less difficult. It's also worth mentioning that the phone's camera glass isn't as sturdy as you'd like. Scratching the cam glass can easily crack the whole thing. Needless to say, the LG V20 is a durable phone overall. In fact, it may even be more durable than other flagship phones. Donning it with a sturdy case can improve the phone's overall durability and make it last longer than expected.

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