LG V20 Will Be Available This Week With An Expected Price Of $800

The LG V20 was unveiled September. However, it's release won't start until late October. As of recent news, US carriers are now preparing to start the sale of LG's 2016 flagship. It was said that among all of the carriers, Verizon will be the first one to release the Nougat-running smartphone. Other carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint will follow soon after.

Verizon To Launch The LG V20

Verizon will start the sale of the LG V20 this coming October 20. However, do keep in mind that the said sale is only applicable online. For people who want to buy the LG V20 from the carrier's store, you might need to wait a few days more. Phone Arena says that Verizon will be making the LG V20 available from their store starting October 20. As for the pricing, the mobile network hasn't shared this info yet. But based on other carriers' pricing, Verizon might also sell the phone at around $800 with B&O PLAY earphones as freebies.

T-Mobile Starts Pre-orders For The LG V20

T-Mobile has previously revealed that they'll be releasing the LG V20 on October 28. But as of now, the carrier has already started taking pre-orders for the phone, revealing its actual price. As per recent news, T-Mobile is selling the LG V20 for $769.00 which is about $30 less than AT&T's price for the same phone. T-Mobile's blog explains their promo further and indicates the freebies included in their deal.

LG V20 Competing With Other Flagships

The LG V20 boasts of being the first Nougat-running phone to be released. However, LG's best might need to share the title with Google Pixel phones as these two are also set to be released on Verizon on October 20. It's also worth mentioning that the LG V20's price is the same as the Pixel XL's price. Also, the iPhone 7 Plus is priced the same way as these two. With that said, it will be interesting to see how competition will play out between these phones.

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