Overwatch PTR Update: What To Expect From Blizzard's Latest PTR

By Benjie Batanes , Oct 22, 2016 04:45 AM EDT

Overwatch is currently conducting a different PTR right now. Blizzard intends to experiment with various builds and warned that some of the changes may not be carried over to the regular game.

Overwatch Heroes - Balanced and Nerfed

Overwatch Community Manager Josh Engen enumerated some significant information about the ongoing Public Test Realm or PTR. Some of the heroes received a boost while others got nerfed. Overwatch players have mixed reactions to the experimental hero build. It is important to note however, that these PTR changes may or may not be implemented. In the end, players' feedback can carry a lot of weight too.

Overwatch PTR Build Balance And Changes

In PTR mode, the ultimate abilities of turrets and teleporters have been removed. Overwatch heroes will received an increase of 25 percent in ultimate costs. D. Va's Mech will have 200 in Health instead of 100 while Armor is the same. The D. VA however, can now walk 25 percent faster while blasting away its opponents. Ultimate Cost is now 20 percent cheaper.

Soldier: 76 will use an improved Pulse Rifle in PTR mode. His weapon's damage has been upgraded to 20 while the spread is no 2.4. Ana's Nano Boost however, cannot increase move speed anymore. Mei's Blizzard has received an increase of 15 percent in terms of ultimate costs.

Lucio received a slight nerf with his Amp It Up. His healing rate has been reduced by 10 percent. Zarya got a substantial downgrade. The power taken from the Particle and Projected Barrier has been reduced by at least 20 percent.

Torbjorn received some upgrades and downgrades. Scrap is automatically provided over time. However, the scrap taken from the dead opponents have been reduced by 40 percent. His Forge Hammer swing is now 25 percent faster but the damage it delivers is now 27 percent less. Meanwhile, Widowmaker's venom mine cannot hurt the one who put the mine in the first place. The Widow's Kiss charge rate just got stronger by 20 percent.

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