The Switch Is Off: Nintendo Will No Longer Release Any Info About Their New Console Until Next Year

After all the rumors and speculations, Nintendo has finally revealed their NX console now known as Nintendo Switch. With the debut trailer, Nintendo fans saw how portable the Switch is whether at home or on the go, how it works and some of the games it will feature. But as of the moment, it looks like Nintendo will also stop providing details for the Nintendo Switch. This is after the company confirmed that they will stop releasing further information on their new console until next year.

The 'Switch' Is Off Until Next Year

The Nintendo Switch is not likely to release until March next year. But instead of just the console not having its release yet, Nintendo has also decided to put a stop on releasing further information on its new console. For users, this would mean that no further updates on new hardware specs will be revealed by Nintendo until 2017. Counting from now, that would be a timeframe of two months and so down the line.

GameRant reports that Nintendo has no more plans to discuss anything about its new console, be it hardware details or upcoming games. This brought up plenty of questions if Nintendo will still continue with region locking its Switch console as is the case with their other consoles. Rumors have it that the Switch will no longer be locked but Nintendo's decision to hold off information only means that fans would have to wait for a positive confirmation until 2017.

The Latest On Nintendo Switch

For now, all that fans should know so far is that the Switch will run on a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor. The console is also confirmed not to have backward compatibility with 3DS cards or Wii U disks except for two titles, the revamped versions of Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon. The Switch also previewed an impressive lineup of games that looks very much like Nintendo is already ready for launch. Some of the third party titles already included during the trailer are the NBA 2K17 and Skyrim: Special Edition.

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